Welcome to my web site!

A little bit about me...
My name is Kevin Carbis and I have been a professional programmer since the early 90's when Visual Basic 3.0 first came out. I had been playing with Basic since the mid 80's when I bought a commodore 64 and eventually changed careers from an electrical engineer. Since then my passion has been programming and I am usually doing something related to it. My primary language is VB but over the years I have added C# to my arsenal. I currently work full time out of my home for a local company and also have a business I run on the side.  Carbisoft LLC is my company and I do all the development for my applications that are found at www.staffinder.net. My focus over the last 4 years has been  building web and mobile applications in ASP.Net but now I am switching gears back to windows development for my next project.  I also do contract work and consulting on the side.  As you can imagine I stay pretty busy.

Over the years I have always been on the lookout for good controls. Anyone remember those vbx files? I rarely buy controls for my applications unless its absolutely necessary. Infragistics has been one of those I have used over the years and honestly I hate their products. So, I decided its time to pay back for all those times when I grabbed a free control and ran. Visual Studio .Net has made it so easy to author your own controls that I don't see myself buying a control ever again. Thanks Microsoft for OnPaint().  So my vision is to create a site where developers can come to get high quality controls for free.


All controls on this site are provided free of charge and include all source code. If you use any of my personal controls in a commercial application all I ask in return is that you include a link back to this site.
  1. Ribbon - Office 2007/2010 Style Ribbon Control. This control was originally developed by menendezpoo.com and modified by myself
  2. Calendar Control - This control was developed by menendezpoo.com
  3. WinForms Controls - various small UI controls I have created