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Staffinder 5-User Demo
Staffinder is an easy-to-use electronic In/Out board application that at a glance shows employee location, employee contact information, resource calendars and includes other nifty features like "While you Were Out" notices, "Do Not Disturb" mode and notifications when an employee signs back in.
Looking for a mobile solution for your BlackBerry or other mobile device.  The Staffinder mobile web site  allows you to change your status, check a status and more on the go!
Got a great idea you'd like to see in a future version of Staffinder?  We'd love to hear it.  Just head over to our Contact page and fill out our simple form.  And...  thanks for sharing your idea.

'I don't know for sure how much money we save each year using Staffinder, but it has to be significant.  Being able to see the location of employees in our three level building and check the status of our two conference rooms are both real time savers.' - Sally, Project Manager