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5.0.0 6/25/11
Initial release

4.0.15 8/8/07
Fixed bug in Enterprise Edition when running with SQL 2005 Express.
Fixed bug in admin reports when sorting by the "Name" option.

4.0.14 8/18/06
Added logic to detect network outage and automatically reconnect if possible.

4.0.13 7/11/06
Fixed bug in status report that caused the report to come up blank.

4.0.12 7/03/06
Fixed bug in employee report that wouldn't filter by department.

4.0.11 5/15/06
Fixed bug in setup screen that was not allowing new status items from being added.

4.0.10 5/5/06
Added ability to reconnect to the database when network connectivity is lost intermittently.
Added feature to allow Staffinder to remain in the taskbar.
Fixed a bug in the employee delete method that prevented some employees from being removed.

4.0.9 1/31/06
Fixed a bug in the End of Day reminder which would cause Staffinder to crash when signing out.

4.0.8 1/11/06
When replying to a message the previous message will now be displayed so you can track the thread history.

4.0.7 12/15/05
Fixed various screens that incorrectly displayed the date when using international date formats that differ from US formats
Fixed several bugs that occurred when saving data with international date formats.

4.0.6 12/12/05
Fixed bug in message screen when editing a sent message.

4.0.5 12/01/05
Fixed bug in the reply feature for sent messages.

4.0.4 11/16/05
Fixed bug in the vacation scheduler that was not displaying the time portion correctly on intra-day events.

4.0.3 11/11/05
Fixed bug in the vacation scheduler that was not saving the time portion correctly.
Added ability to change the font color of the events in the vacation scheduler.
Added ability to change the Back color of the events in the vacation scheduler.

4.0.3 11/09/05
Fixed bug in message report.

4.0.2 10/13/05
Fixed bug in resource scheduler when adding events using international date formats.
Fixed bug in Reminders that would cause them to keep appearing even after they were expired.

4.0.1 10/03/05
Fixed bug in postpone feature on the reminders. Also fixed bug that allowed the reminder to be show even if when signed in manually.

4.0.0 9/11/05
Initial release

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